So few stories make me laugh from the outset, but “The Interior Designer” made me laugh many times, the way a good Lorrie Moore short story does—not from wisecracking, but from painful and awkward observations from a narrator who is unaware of the dynamics at work in the world around her. The narrator of this short story navigates her world with a fresh sense of figurative language that makes you both unsettled and amused, until you realize where the character is headed and just how bad of a place it might end up being. I found myself pausing to admire the writer’s fresh use of imagery, but also to give the narrator time before she made the next bad decision in a series of inevitable but questionable choices. I was hooked; I had to know where this self-proclaimed “termite” in the foundation of good marriages would end up. I found out, and it was even more heartbreaking than I predicted."

   -- Sarah Creech author of Season of The Dragonflies

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